More coverage for The Gift

As The Gift: An Interactive Storybook continues to sell well in the App Store and iTunes, it’s also getting some exciting coverage from press and media all around the world.

Our Creative Director Jos Carlyle did a fascinating interview with Joe Wikert, chair of Tools of Change at O’Reilly Media Inc, about what goes into the creation of a successful book ahead of her appearance at the Bologna Tools of Change for Publishing conference in March. You can watch the interview below.

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Competition time!

We’re giving away a few copies of The Gift – and this will probably be the last competition for copies of our “truly unforgettable app” (Apps4Moms) we’ll be running for some time. Get them while you can!

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Making Lite work of The Gift

We’re fortunate enough to be able to enjoy a high level of engagement with our customers via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook (we’re working on Google+ and Pinterest, please bear with us) and this continues to be absolutely invaluable in terms of refining and focusing what we do still further.

It’s a direct result of this ongoing conversation that we’ve produced no less than two new versions of The Gift – and also renamed it The Gift: An Interactive Storybook.

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