Soundtracking The Gift

One of the most striking features of our picture book app The Gift – and there are many – is the beautiful music which accompanies each scene, all of which was put together by the wonderful Alexander and J Johnston at the CMI Music Group in Salford, Greater Manchester.

Here’s a short film where Alex and J talk about their work on The Gift. It’s a little rough and ready at the moment (our Marketing & PR Manager Sean Smith insists his Flip camera produces “broadcast quality footage”. We’re not so sure) but we hope you’ll get some idea of the effort these two talented and lovely people put in on our behalf.

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Stephen Nuttall Q&A

Stephen Nuttall is the typographer and illustrator behind the logo, lettering and even the typeface of our first picture book app The Gift. Stephen lives and works in Manchester and likes watching live music in tiny pubs.

Could you explain what you did on The Gift? How long have you been working on the project?

Stephen Nuttall: “I came up with the typographic logo for The Gift, as well as an original typeface for the app, which has been named Persian Gift. I’ve been working on the project in my spare time for the past four months.”

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Nick Hughes Q&A

Nick Hughes is an actor, writer and voiceover artist who lives in London and worked with Persian Cat Press on our first picture book app, The Gift.

Could you explain what you did on The Gift? How long did you work on the project?

Nick Hughes: “I was asked to do the voice – the narration – for The Gift. I worked on the project for just a short time: two days preparing, and one day in recording studio.”

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