Making Lite work of The Gift

We’re fortunate enough to be able to enjoy a high level of engagement with our customers via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook (we’re working on Google+ and Pinterest, please bear with us) and this continues to be absolutely invaluable in terms of refining and focusing what we do still further.

It’s a direct result of this ongoing conversation that we’ve produced no less than two new versions of The Gift – and also renamed it The Gift: An Interactive Storybook.

The free-to-download Lite version of The Gift is a direct response to feedback on the original full-price, device-specific release. It gives parents and children the opportunity to sample this lavishly produced original tale without spending a penny.

Both the Lite version and the accompanying paid-for The Gift: An Interactive Storybook app are now universal, meaning that they can be viewed on both iPad and iPhone.

“We’re delighted that The Gift Lite: An Interactive Storybook will allow even more parents and children to experience the delights of this heartwarming tale,” says Jos Carlyle, Persian Cat Press’ Creative Director, and the author of The Gift.

“Once they’ve seen just how absorbed and engaged their children are by The Gift, parents can easily get the new universal version and then experience it on whichever device they prefer.”

“And as a thank you to anyone who has already purchased a device-specific version of The Gift, we’re also offering to exchange the original app for the universal version absolutely free of charge. Just get in touch via the contact page of our website and we’ll send you The Gift: An Interactive Storybook.”

To celebrate taking part in our first Moms With Apps App Friday promotion, we’ve cut the price of The Gift: An Interactive Storybook by 50 per cent throughout the world. This will run from midnight to midnight in every App Store in the world on Friday 9 March.

There are also a few giveaways and competitions here, here and here.

[Please note all of these offers and competitions are now closed]

If you download either the Lite or paid-for versions of The Gift: An Interactive Storybook, please do let us know what you think.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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