What people are saying about The Gift

The Gift has been in the App Store and iTunes for just under a week and the response has been little short of overwhelming – people seem to like it. A lot.

We’ve already had a number of brilliant reviews and we’re expecting more to follow in the coming days and weeks.

We’ve been deeply touched by the warmth that has greeted The Gift. It’s been lovely to read the perceptive comments and complimentary words of people who clearly have a good understanding of the love and care that has gone into The Gift’s production.

“The perfect gift,” says Monumental LeClerc on iTunes. “What a treat! Original, well crafted with loads of interactivity. I couldn’t believe how long I played with it. My favourite page is the one where the snow settles – so lovely.”

“Ruddy marvellous.” adds Country Manor Matt. “Why this is a nice slice of fried gold! Endearing artwork, lovely music and story that’s so sweet it’s making my tooth ache. All put together rather well.

“The orange Oomorel, ‘Steve’ as I like to call him; he’s my favourite.”

According to MoonlightMike, also on iTunes, The Gift is “a lovely heartwarming story. My little boy has played it three times already. He loves exploring the Oomorels fur to see what’s hiding in there and laughs at their funny faces.

“There’s a lot of thought gone into this and it’s quite magical to see my son get so much enjoyment out of it. I was looking forward to it coming out because of the traditional feel the artwork has.

“The hand-crafted touch seems to be few and far between these days so to have mixed that with new technology must have been a challenge so well done Persian Cat Press, we look forward to seeing what other gems you produce ..

“No pressure, heh!”

App Store user DaveW65 comments that his four-year-old son “really enjoyed the interactive experience provided by The Gift. He was enthralled by and engaged with all aspects of the story and adored the boy, baby and the very original Oomorels.”

“He smiled, ‘ooed’ and ‘aahed’ his way through the narrative, and quickly got to grips with the touchscreen elements. Magical to watch him and share his excitement when he found new parts of the story.”

Emily Becker has written a brilliantly perceptive review of The Gift for PadGadget, applauding the app’s “timeless” feel and “carefully chosen interactivity .. that will appeal to children and their parents.” You can read the whole of Emily’s review here.

One of the most in-depth and thorough reviews of The Gift so far has come from Gill Robins, whose Teacher Turned Writer blog we visited on our blog tour earlier this month.

“Jos Carlyle’s story is structured in part-prose and part-poetry, each section ending with a repeated line which even young children will quickly be able to remember,” writes Gill. “Dan Mynard’s exquisite oil paintings are a visual feast in their own right and the haunting melodies, textures and timbres of Alexander and J Johnson’s music are an integral part of the storytelling.”

We’re just delighted that someone as well informed and insightful as Gill appreciates our efforts in putting The Gift together. You can read the full review on iPad App Reviews here.

Dan Mynard’s beautiful oil-on-canvas artwork seems to be going down particularly well with people who have seen The Gift, with Stuart Dredge in the Guardian’s Apps Rush column describing Dan’s work as “marvellous”, iTunes user Marke4 calling it “glorious” and my mum saying, “It’s lovely. You could put it in a frame and hang it on the wall. Mother’s Day is coming up soon, isn’t it?”

We can’t tell you how grateful we are for the support we have received for The Gift from the people above.

One of the nicest – and most succinct – reactions to The Gift has, however, come from Twitter user Helen Dineen, who tells us her four-year-old son says, “I liked it, it was very nice” and wants to send us a kiss.

We’re going to be hard pressed to get a better review than that.

You can see what all the fuss is about by downloading The Gift here.

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